A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Control: recommend to play with an Xbox controller

Take a photo of the key control table and enjoy the game.

MoveXbox ControllerKeyboard
tank drive move left wheelsleft joystick(only vertical Axis)Q: forward, A:backward
tank drive move right wheelsright joystick(only vertical Axis)E: forward, D: backward
Swing back armleft trigger, left bumperI, O
Swing front armright trigger, right bumperK, L
rotate hand grabberX, Bcomma key and period key
grab with hand grabberAM
release with hand grabberYN
change camera viewview buttonC
restart current levelspace key on keyboardspace


RobotPovWin.zip 25 MB
RobotPovMac.app.zip 27 MB

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