wasd or arrow to move, space to shoot


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It is quite identical to the original game and I like how it moves smoothly. You recreated the assets and the sprites all look great for having your art style but keeping the original feeling at the same time. I wish the shooting system can be faster and overall nice work!

I like the aesthetic of your clone, it matches the feel of the original. In my opinion, some of the tuning just feels a bit off. The turning factor feels a bit too sharp, so that leads to awkward feeling control. Also, the speed is pretty slow compared to the original so I don't get that feeling of high speed bike chase.

A nice clone! The basic mechanics and visual elements faithfully matches the original version. Also cool sound effects like motor running sound and warning tone. A small issue I found is that sometimes I will lose the track of the other enemy motorcycle if I keep chasing one for a period of time. The rest of the game is great!

There is a strong feeling of 3d environment in this clone, which I like a lot. The control is really smooth, but the steering feels a little bit too slow even when I speed up. I like how steering after shooting bullets can change the direction of the bullets, but it would be easier to aim and track if the bullet can be shoot from the middle of the screen instead of the side. Great work overall!